Characteristics/Parameters Specifications
Specific Gravity0.8075
Ethanol content %v/v at 20ºC96.5 min.
Miscibility with waterMiscibile
Optical Density@210 mm and path length : 10 mm0.40
Optical Density@220 mm and path length : 10 mm0.30
Optical Density@230 mm and path length : 10 mm0.18
Optical Density@240 mm and path length : 10 mm0.08
Optical Density@270 mm and path length : 10 mm0.02
Total Acidity as Acetic Acid, mg/100ml max.0.2
Dry extract Total mg/100ml max.1.0
Aldehyde as Acetaldehyde, mg/100 ml max.0.2
Ethyl Esters as Ethyl acetate, mg/100ml max.1.3
Methanol, mg/100ml max.1.5
Higher Alcohols ( as me-2-propanol-1), mg/100ml max.0.2
Ethyl Methyl Cetone, mg/lNot detected
GC profilesNo extraneous peaks
Bitrex, mg/lNot detected
Toluene, mg/lNot detected
Diethyl pthalate, mg/lNot detected
Acetal, mg/100ml max.1.0
Diacetal, mg/100ml max.0.02
FurfuralNot detected
Ethyl Butyrate mg/l max.0.1
Total volatiles, mg/l max.0.6
Ethyl Carbamate, mg/l max.0.1
Copper as Cu2 ppm
Lead as PbNot detected
Permanganate reaction time (Minutes) as per I.S. Standard, minimum45 minutes