Onion: India is second largest producer of onions in the world. It is culinary delicacy world over.We offer Fresh Red and White Onions. They are available in sizes from 35 to 75 mm and in round shapes. We also offer Onion Products like Preserved Onions (8 to 25 mm), Dehydrated Onion Products like Flakes/Kibbled (5 to 15 mm), Powder (80 to 90 mash), Granules (40 t0 55 mash) , Minced (1 to 5 mm), Dehydrated, Paste and Cut Pieces. Quantity which can be stuffed in 20 FCL is 13.5 Mt of Preserved Onions, 7.5 Mt of Flakes/Kibbled, 14.5 Mt of Minced/Granules/Powder and in 40 FCL High Cube 17.50 Mt of Flakes/Kibbled, 28 Mt of Minced/Granules/Powder. Retail packing is also available as per customer requirements. All Onion products are hygienically produced and packed.



                              KIBBLED ONION         ONION GRANULES        ONION POWDER