Cuprous Oxide
Molecular FormulaCu2O
Molecular Weight143.08
AppearanceDark Red Crystalline Powder
Apparent Density1.5 to 2.0 gm/cc
Average Particle Size3-4 microns
Mesh Analysis-400 (99 % min)
Assay as Cu2O97 % min.
Total Copper (Cu)87 % min.
Free Copper0.5 % max.
Cupric Oxide97 % min.
Reducing Power300 ppm max
Acid Insolubles0.1 % max.
Volatile MatterNil
Moisture0.1 % max
Other Metallic Impurites0.5 % max
Other Anionic Impurites0.5 % max
Oil Absorption11-13 gm/cc
Cuprous oxide is mainly used as a pigment, a fungicide and an antifouling agent for marine paints. It is used in agricultural fungicide, seed dressing, in food supplements against an insufficiency of copper in animal diet.As an catalyst in various dyes and pharmaceutical industries.
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