Magnesium Oxide
DescriptionVery fine, light white powder odourless. 15 gm. occupies a volume of about 150 Ml.
SolubilityPractically insoluble in water and ethanol 95%. It dissolves in dilute acids with at most slight effervescence
ArsenicNot More than 4 ppm
Heavy MetalsNot More than 30 ppm
ChlorideNot More than 0.125%
SulphateNot more than 0.1%
SulphateNot More than 1.0%
CalciumNot More than 1.5%
IronNot More than 0.1%
Soluble Subs.Not More than 2.0%
Subs.Insoluble in acetic AcidNot More than 0.1%
Loss on IgnitionNot More than 8%
Standards/AssayLight Magnesium Oxide contains not less than 98.0% and not more than 100.5% of
Magnesium Oxide White Powder finds application in rubber,ceramics and glass industries. Odorless, with a slight effervescence, this chemical is also used as a binding agent, antacid and in nutritional products along with vitamins & minerals.