Methyl Chloroacetate
Chemical FormulaCICH2COOCH3
Molecular Weight108.5
CAS Reg. No.96-34-4
EC No.202-501-1
Physical PropertiesBoiling Point 130 deg C
Melting Point-30 deg C
Specific Gravity1.238 to 1.240
AppearanceClear Liquid
ColourClear Water White Liquid
Assay(By Gas Chromatograph) 99.00% w/w Min
Methanol00.30 w/w Max
Methyl Dichloro Acetate00.50% w/w Max
Methyl Acetate00.20 w/w Max
Moisture00.50% Max
PackingHMHDPE BBarrels of 225 Kgs. Net
StorageStore in a close Ventilated & shaded area
Precaution Avoid contact with skin and eyes