We are offering made in India Engineering Products for the world markets. Our strong manufacturing base and very good engineering skills along with low labor cost have allowed us to make India from simple to sophisticated engineered products like simple Hand Tools, Fasteners, Aluminium bars, Iron and Steel Products, Automobile Parts, to heavy Engineered Products like Boilers, Gear Boxes, Wind Turbines. Plant and Machinery for Sugar Industry and Cement Plants, Conveyor Belts, Lathe Machines, Die and Casting, Aircraft Parts, Automobiles, Forgings, Ship Building, Railways, Power Plants, Cranes, Excavators, Pulleys, Road Making Equipment, Tractors, Trolleys, Agriculture Equipment etc etc, to name a few.

Ours is fastest growing economies in the world and eager to make our presence felt in the world economy hence we are taking this opportunity to offer made in India, Engineering Products. We are offering also aluminum products which are in heavy demand for Structural, Architecture and Light Engineering.