We have been into Textiles since the start of 2000.India is largest supplier of Fibers and Yarns in the world. Our business is to offer textile solutions all under one roof. This is just possible because we have very well qualified professionals to assist us. Special care is taken to provide customized service to the customers. We regularly travel abroad to get first hand information from our Clients, there valuable comments, suggestions, feedbacks and understand there needs which helps us to serve them better. Our intent is not only to sell products but also provide service to our customers matching there expectations. In our set up we have created pre shipment department which goes into technicalities of each order and post shipment which provides real time information to the clients which help them in there production and planning.

Now we have crossed our national boundary and opened our office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our target, by year 2022 we have hard plan to set up offices in all the six Continents. Since our motive is customer satisfaction we need to be as much close to our customers and also to our suppliers which will complete the total chain, giving us the added advantage from our rivals. Our technical team is always present in the key Textiles producing centres of India, monitoring every aspect of the quality. Ours is a total coordinated effort right from taking the Order till the Execution. We do not compromise on quality. Since our business is volume driven we are able to extract excellent prices for our clients.

Our objective is not only to sell products, services but build long term business relationship with our customers. Most of our customers have been with us, since inception which has given us confidence, zest and zeal to give them improve and improved services.

Our Motto is Honesty, Integrity, Service, Commitment and Value for Clients Money is out motto.

We are offering below Yarns

COTTON YARN (Greige,Dyed & Mélange)Ne 6 to120 (R/S) and NE5 to 20(O/E) Single,TFO,Ply, Carded,Combed, Core Spun Compact, Elite twist and Slubs for knitting and weaving in contamination controlled and free Yarns.Also Oeko Tex,Skal, BCI and Fairtarde Certified Yarns.

VISCOSE YARN (Greige,Dyed & Mélange)NE 8 to 60 (R/S) and NE 28 & 30 (Open Ended) Single, TFO, Siro, Slub, Hight Twist and Vortex Yarns.Viscose Yarns is manufactured from Grasim Fibre.

MODAL YARN  Ne 18 to Ne 40 and also blended with Cotton.We can also offer TFO Double Yarns.Cotton Modal Yarns can be offered in different Counts and in different blends.

BAMBOO YARNS This a natural sterilized, anti bacterial soft in character, bio-degradable and also very lustful.It is used in Tights, Innerwear, sweaters, blankets,medical textiles etc. Yarn Count is available from Ne 10/1 to Ne 60/1 and also in TFO and in different blends.

POLYESTER TEXTURED YARN  Upto 1200 Denier in Semi Dull,Fully Dull, Raw White, Microfilament, Melange, Dope and Package Dyed, Intermingled, Non intermingled and High Intermingled. Polyester Stretch, Air Texturized Yarns can also be offered.Any Shades can be developed as per customer requirements.

FULL DRAWN YARN (FDY) We can offer FDY from 40D till 150D in SD and Trilobal. Also we can offer you in Bright Dyed.

POLYESTER MONOFILAMENT YARNS. We are offering Monofilament Yarns in Denier 20 and Denier 30 in Semi Dull and Black.

COVERED YARNS. We can offer Covered Yarns in 100% Cotton, 100% Viscose, PTY and Nylon with Lycra or any other quality you want.

NYLON YARNS We can offer Nylon 6 Yarns in Raw White and Dope Dyed in Black and White and Hank Dyed upto 110 Deniers 24 filaments 2 and 3 ply wist upto 80 TPM for end use in Lingeries,Intimate Apparels,Sport Wear,  Socks, Elastic Tapes, Webbings, Medical Textiles etc.We can offer LCL shipments also.

VISCOSE FILAMENT YARNS We offer these yarns upto 600 Denier in Raw White and Dyed with upto maximum of 90 filaments depending upon the deniers from Continuous Spinning System.This yarn is extensively used in Carpet and Rugs and also for the Home Textiles.

ACRYLIC & WROSTED YARNS (Cones & Hank) (Greige,Dyed & Melange)NM 10 to 80 single/double/multfold Yarns. They can also be offered with blends with Polyester,Woo, Viscose and Cotton Fibre.They can be offered in normal and high Bulk also. We can offer Wrosted Yarns in different wool microns also.

A) 480D/216F/120 TPM Bright Trilobal dyed,
B) 150D/144F/2 x 4 ply Semi Dull dyed,
C) 150D/144F/2 x 4 ply Bright Trilobal dyed,
D) 300D/96F/2 x 8 ply Bright Trilobal dyed yarns.
E) Also we can meet our specific requirements.

FANCY YARNS We offer Fancy Yarns in Slubs, Cabled, Twisted, Melanges in DTY and FDY for Home Furnishing fabrics.

We can send small samples as per request.