In our production set up we are using all latest Airjet, Picanol, Donear, Toyoda, Rapier, Jacquard and Sulzer,Projectile looms and also we are using state of art Warping and Sizing machines. Fabric constructions of Yarn Count, Reed Pick, Width and Selvage can be exactly matched to your requirements. Wider width fabrics are also being offered. For processing we are using eco friendly dies and have sate of art dyeing plants. We understand the need for the environmental concerns and have installed ETP plants.

We can give u OEKO Tex, GOT certified Fabrics.

Bottom Wear: We offer fabrics in 100% Polyester, Poly Viscose, 100% Cotton and Cotton Rich blends. They are available in Satin, Twill, Drill, Canvas, Dobby, Gabardines to name a few weaves. They are offered in Solid and Yarn dyed shades, in varying GSM, and in different widths. Customized colors and designs along with customer specific constructions can be offered. In addition to above we can offer stretch fabrics also.

Shirting Fabrics: They are made from 100% Cotton and Poly Cotton in fine double counts. We use Giza cotton also as it gives super bright finish. Also we use Linen, Cotton/Linen and Viscose Linen for making Shirting Fabrics. Plain, Satin and Twill weaves are being offered. Yarn dyed, Checks, solid dyed and prints as per specific customer requirement can also be done. Wrinkle free in Shirting Fabrics is an added feature.

Denim: We offer Denim in different Weaves like Broken Twill, Gabardine, Satin, Plain, canvas, Twill. Drill and Structured. Cotton yarns we use are in different combination of OE, Ring Spun, Slub Yarns, and Multi count yarns in warp and weft.Polyester Yarns is also used to make Poly Denims. Also we use different colored yarns in warp and weft. Denim wt we offer is from 4-16 oz.The light wt denim in silky finish is in vogue these days for shirting for being light weight. Stretch denim by using Corespun Yarns in weft gives a much needed stretch to denim. Denim is all about shades and we can offer Indigo colors in variety of shades starting from Dark Indigo to light Indigo and in other shades of brown, black and bottle green.

Pocketing Fabrics: These are very light fabrics made from 100% Polyester,100% Cotton, Poly Cotton, We can offer in Grey and Dyed in different construction, width and GSM. Any specifications can me met to meet every customer requirements.

Camouflage Fabrics: We can offer printed Camouflage Fabrics in different constructions and qualities. This could be in 100% Cotton and Blended also. Special finish can be provided as per customer requirement.This fabric has extensive use in Defense Industry and now penetrating into fashion industry also.

Industrial Fabrics: These are coarser fabrics for heavy duty performance. The use for these fabrics is in defense, bags, coverings, Luggage bags, Jackets, tents, etc. wherever heavier fabric is required. They are offered in different weaves like twill, drill, canvas, plain etc. The fabric weight starts from 10 oz to 24 oz. Usually this fabric is weaved from Coarse Yarns and mostly cotton. We can offer them dyed, flame retardant and water repellent fabrics. We can offer u these fabrics from narrow to wider width fabrics in long lengths. We can offer you packing in Bale and Roll form.

Home Textile Fabrics: We offer narrow and wider width fabrics from 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton and special Jacquard fabrics, in solid light and dark dyed. Weave is plain, percale, Satin, jacquard, poplin, sheeting and any other weave. Also we can weave from TC 300 to 800.

KNITTED FABRICS: We can offer you Single Jersey, Pique, Interlock, Fleece, Terry and Collar. They can be offered you in Grey or Dyed form and from 100% Cotton, 100% Viscose, 100% Polyester or any other blends with Modal, Bamboo or Polyester Yarns. We can also offer them with lycra. Knitted Fabrics are offered in different Gauge, Dia and GSM.

We have installed Terrot, Mayer & Cie and also Shima Seiki Knitting Machines for Knitted Fabrics.

Our Motto is Honesty, Integrity, Service, Commitment and Value for Clients Money.