Technical Textiles is becoming very relevant in today’s world. The main thing which is associated with Technical Textiles is strength associated with it. They have application in different fields.This has to do with environment and ecology also.

Following are the products which we offer for various end applications.

Industrial Yarns
We  also offer Industrial Yarns from Poly Polypropylene, Polyester & Nylon in Mono and Multi filament having application in Twines, Ropes, Nets, Coated fabrics, Convener  Fabrics, Zippers, Filtration Fabrics etc.

Polypropylene Multi filament Yarn from 210D-6000D
Polyester Multi filament Yarn from 420D- 3000D
Nylon Multi filament from 210D – 1800D    from 2/120 Ply
Polyester Mono filament 1MM-2.2MM
Nylon 6/66 Mono filament 0.06 MM – .7 MM

We offer Recycled Polyester Fiber for end use in Spinning, Non Woven,Thermal Bonding. Needle Punting, Automobiles etc from

Deniers 1.5 to 1.80 Cut Length 32-150 mm Tenacity GPD 4.8-5.00 Raw White/Black
Deniers 3 Cut Length 32-150 mm Tenacity GPD 4.2-4.3 Super White/Black
Deniers 2.5 to 6 Cut Length 32-150 mm Tenacity GPD 4.00 Raw White
Deniers 6 to 15 Cut Length 32-150 mm Tenacity GPD 3.90 Raw White/Dope Dyed
Deniers 35 to 60 Cut Length 32 -150 mm Tenacity GPD 3-3.5 White/Black/ Dope Dyed

Geo Textiles
These are made from Poly Polypropylene yarns. They are extruded and then weaved to make it a very versatile fabric. These fabrics are UV Stabilized,non degradable with long life and available in sizes as per customer requirements. These can be coated as per customer requirements. The end application is for the drainage systems, road underlay, ground covers, soil erosion protection, coastal areas soiled protection, canal and water linings etc. We can meet your exact requirements with regards to GSM, Tensile Strength, no of ends etc.

These are the extruded nets which are very sturdy and used for the fencing, Road Partition, Sludge Covers, Cargo Nets, Scaffolding Nets, Shade Nets, Agrinets, Bird nets, Fishnets etc.They have got very wide applications. They are available in different sizes.very light, easily maintainable, UV stabilized non corrosion characteristics. A customized product can be offered.

Non woven Fabrics: Healthcare
These are the fabric made from different fibers like PP, Polyester, Viscose and Cotton. The end use is for Wipes for different usage for baby tissues, kitchen wipes personal care. The advantage for them is they are very soft and pH balance with excellent absorbing capacity. Medical Protective Apparel for surgical gowns gloves and caps and is being used for wound management in the form of swabs, gauge and bandages. Now being extensively used in packing of precession instruments because of its gentle and soft feeling that does not leave any scratches on the products and has a cushioning effect.

Nonwoven Fabrics.:Geo Textiles
These are useful in various conditions where liquid has some roll to play especially in agriculture, soil erosion, road highways, drainage systems, ponds just because it has excellent permeability character of the fabric and also it can take any shape under pressure. Mostly it is used as covers only whether soil cover or underwater or inroad construction.

Ropes, Twines and Cords
These products are available in High Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene,Nylon and  Polyester in Mono filament and Multi filament in no of strands. These Ropes,Twines and Cords have end application in various fields like fishing, sports nets, ladders, climbing,packing,ship mooring, material handling etc.They are available in different colors as per the customers requirements.We can also offer metallic ropes.

We can offer u Polypropylene FIBC Bags for bulk handling of goods. These bags are available in laminated and unlaminated forms. These bags can be printed also and are UV stabilized.Leno, Rachel and Storage bags are available for the Agriculture products. They don’t give odor. Sizes can be made as per customer requirements. We can give them in different colors and also in printing logos.

We offer tarpaulins in PVC, PU, HDPE,PP and in natural Fibres. These can be offered in different shades, colors, sizes and GSM and also UV stabilized. These are hemmed and have eyelets. They have different applications like Lorry Covers, Wind Sheeters, Partitions, Tents, Ground Covers, Scaffolding Covers and many more applications we can think of.

We are  also offering different type of Cotton, Polyester and Blended Yarns for Knitting and Weaving for Technical Textile Applications.

Above is the limited range of our products in Technical Textiles.If u have something different requirement it can also be offered