We offer you every type of yarn solution which is manufactured in India. Our producers have installed latest machineries and there is continuous up gradation of the same. We work exclusively with premium quality producers, who understand the customer needs and are ready to innovate. Most of our associate producers are ISO certified companies. They have all in house quality monitoring team who monitor right from the raw material till finished products.

100% COTTON YARN :(Greige,Dyed & Mélange)/Compact/Organic/Supima Gassed & Mercerized Yarns (Dyeable Tubes)NE 6 to 120 (R/S) and NE 5 to 16(O/E) single/double/multiply, carded/combed, knitting/weaving. We can offer you contamination-controlled yarn from Indian cotton and contamination free from Supima Cotton Fibre. Our yarn would be siro cleared and also we can offer you Oeko Tex Certified Yarn. For Organic Cotton Yarn we can also offer you Skal Certficate.Cotton.Our double yarns are from TFO but Ring double can also be offered on specific request. Any shade can be matched to your requirements.

100% VISCOSE YARN : (Greige,Dyed & Mélange)NE 8 to 60 (R/S) and NE 28 & 30 (Open Ended) single double for knitting/weaving.Viscose Yarns is manufactured from Viscose Staple Fibres manufactured by Indian Company Grasim (Kharach) which is worlds largest manufacturer of Viscose Staple Fibres.We can offer you Viscose Fibre dyed and Viscose Yarn dyed yarns. Double yarns are offered from TFO but on specific request we can offer you Ring Double and also from Murata Airjet Spinning system. We can also offer you Blended Yarns Viscose Fibre with Cotton,Acrylic, Polyester and Linen Fibres in different blends and counts.

100% POLYESTER YARN: (Greige, Dyed & Mélange)NE 10 to 60 (R/S) single/double/multifold for knitting/weaving.Polyester Yarn is manufactured from Polyester Staple Fibre manufactured by Reliance Industries Ltd worlds largest manufacturer of Polyester Staple Fibres.Fibre dyed and Yarn dyed Polyester yarn can be offered as per your requirements. We can offer you double yarns from TFO and also from Murata Airjet Spinning System. We can also offer Blended Yarns Polyester Fibre with,Cotton and Viscose Fibres in different blends, counts and multifold yarns.

100% MODAL YARNS: These yarns are offered from Birla Grasim Modal who are pioneers in making Viscose Staple Fibre.This is a equally good fibre and can we can offer you this yarn in counts Ne 18/1 to 40/1 and also blended with Cotton.We can also offer TFO Double Yarns.Cotton Modal Yarns can be offered in different Counts and in different blends. On request we can offer yarns from Lenzing Fibre.

100% BAMBOO YARNS:This a natural sterilized, anti bacterial yarn. Very soft in character, bio-degradable and also very lustful.It can be used in Tights, Innerwear, sweaters, blankets,medical textiles etc. We can offer this Yarn from Count Ne 10/1 to Ne 60/1 and also in TFO.Double Yarns and in different blends.

State of Art Machines are being used in the manufacturing of natural and synthetic yarns Blow Room with machines like Uniflock,Uniclean,Unimix,Uniflex from Reiter Switzerland Vision Shield: Tritzsheler, Germany Carding: C51 and Chute feed from Reiter Switzerland Unilap: E 32 Reiter Switzerland Combers: E62 from Reiter Switzerland Draw Frame: RSB D-30/D-35 from Reiter Switzerland and also Cherry Hara Japan Speed Frame: Laxmi Machine Works Ring Frame: LMW, Kirloskar Toyoda Autowinders: Orion L: Savio Italy, Murata Japan Yarn Conditioning: Singer, Xorella TFO :Vokamann Truetzshler Germany Gassing: Rite SRL, Italy Mercerizing: Jaeggli, Italy Rotor Spinning : Schalfrost Germany Yarn Dyeing : Scholl, Cubotex Hydro Extraction: Dettin, Galvanin Pallet Packing : ITW

POLYESTER PARTIALLY ORIENTED YARN :120Denier to 490Denier for Final 75Denier to 300Denier Bright Trilobal Semi Dull Black Dope Dyed.Machinery installed is from Bermag Switzerland.

POLYESTER TEXTURED YARN : Upto 300 Denier in Semi Dull,Fully Dull, Raw White, Black Dope Dyed, Package Dyed Intermingled, No intermingled and High Intermingled. Dope Dyed Yarns can be offered..These yarns are used for the Circular Knitting, Warp Knitting & Weaving.Any Shades can be developed as per customer requirements.Bobin Weight is 5.00Kg.

In addition to above we can also offer you Cationic, Twisted. State of Art Machines are installed from Kohap South Korea, Himson-SCRAGG, Bermag Germany and, Heberlein Jets from Switzerland.
NYLON YARNS : We can offer Nylon Yarns in Raw White and Dyed upto 100Deniers upto 24 filaments and also Twist upto 60 TPM for end use in Socks, Elastic Tapes, Webbings, Medical Textiles etc.

VISCOSE FILAMENT YARNS :We can offer these yarns upto 600 Denier in Raw White and Dyed with upto maximum of 90 filaments depending upon the deniers. They can also be offered in single and multiply. We are using Continuous Spin Rayon Yarn which has advantages over the traditional Centrifugal Port Spun Yarn. We can also offer from Centrifugal Port Spun Yarn on specific request. This yarn is extensively in Carpet and Rugs and also for the Home Textiles.
100% ACRYLIC & WROSTED YARNS : (Cones & Hank) (Greige,Dyed & Melange)NM 10 to 80 single/double/multfold Yarns. They can also be offered with blends with Polyester,Woo, Viscose and Cotton Fibre.They can be offered in normal and high Bulk also. We can offer Wrosted Yarns in different wool microns also. These woolen fibres are specially procured from New Zealand and Australia.

This Yarn is fit for Weaving Carpets, Worsted Fabrics, Blankets, Shawls, Gloves,Throws Knitting Sweaters, Scarves etc. State of Art Machines are being used in the manufacturing. We can also offer Blended Yarns Acrylic Fibre with Cotton, Polyester, Wool and Viscose Fibre in different blends and counts. Combers : NSC France Gill Boxes: NSC France Spinning Frames: Idea, OM Ltd and Zinser Post Spinning: Schlafhors TFO :Saura Allma Pallet Packing: ITW